Students celebrate 100 days of school

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Joseph Alley (LEFT) brought 100 marshmallows and Maria Scherer brought 100 morning glory seeds for the 100th day of school.

Theresa Keller’s class at the Timber Lake Elementary had a big day on the 100th day of school. One activity was to estimate how many Skittles were in a bag. Then, they counted them by sorting into groups of 10. After counting for awhile, some realized they were way off in their first estimate and wanted to “re-guess”! The total number of Skittles in the bag was 369. Another of their activities was to color “gumballs” to glue on a huge gumball machine. This was done in groups of five. They also brought 100 of something from home to share. Some things brought were marshmallows, dried corn, pennies, legos and flower seeds. They also jumped up and down for 100 seconds!


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