Letters to the editor from TLHS Government Class

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To the editor:
As part of the government class the seniors are looking at some of the bills being presented to Congress at the State level. The bill I chose is House Bill 1005. This bill is looking for the approval of $2,850,000 for the training of teachers, across South Dakota, on the technology in their classrooms. Many teachers in our school have many problems with the technology that has been provided as teaching aids. Smart Board and Promethean Boards are the names that come to mind. I have had teachers tell me personally they wish they knew how to run their boards with more grace and familiarity; as a result of the knowledge the students would receive higher quality learning. This money will help the teachers to essentially give the students a better education. The bill outlines how the money is to be divided out between schools. The money will be distributed on a per-teacher basis. Any money that a certain school district gives to a teacher in accordance to this bill will be an addition to the regular salary, and will not reduce or replace it. This bill should be passed for the betterment of education of current and future students.
Natalie Beranek

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