Letters to the editor from Government Class

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Editor’s Note: The students in Jordan Weisbeck’s Government class at Timber Lake High School submitted letters to the editor on issues before the S.D. Legislature. Although the Topic normally requires a signature, an exception is being made for these student writers.
Dear editor,
I am in support of House Bill Number 1023. This bill states that people on the Board of Regents will have to forego a background check by the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This will ensure that our young people have the best leaders possible with furthering their education. When students are paying for their education the least they deserve to have staff that is clean and does not have a criminal background. Some people may say this is a violation of their personal privacy, but I feel that could not be any more wrong. If these people’s jobs is to bring up young people for real life and they have a criminal background what is it teaching these kids? Are these the kind of people we want graduates aspiring to be more like? No. This becomes a liability to the school. Every school tries to make a good name for itself, and if they hire just about anyone including because with a criminal history they are not making a very good reputation for themselves. Now days an education is a vital thing to have a successful life so it should not be taken lightly. So in conclusion, I hope you all choose to support the House Bill Number 1023 at this legislative session.

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