Bullies and abuse are everywhere

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By Richard P. Holm, MD
We have all had to deal with bullies throughout our lives, and I have had my share. One fall day, coming home from school, I saw two guys from my third-grade class beating up on a smaller kid and was moved to step in to help. Well, the victim ran home, and I became the new target. The beating I took that day was minimal; however, the sense that I did the right thing that day by standing up against bullies has propped up my self-worth my whole lifetime. Bullies and abuse are everywhere. While in medical school, I was in an Atlanta Emergency Room when a woman came in with a broken nose and other broken bones and bruises that were explained away as the result of a fall, when we knew full well they were inflicted by her spouse. Since coming to this prairie town 35 years ago, 
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