Some of us don’t follow the rules of the road

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By Jill Pertler

I’ve never claimed to be a great driver. Good, perhaps. Careful, for sure. My family would tell you I am cautious – sometimes to the point of being jumpy at the wheel. By jumpy I mean on the lookout for surprises, aka accidents waiting to happen. Pedestrians who come out of nowhere. Squirrels darting across the street.

Dogs without leashes. And cars. Mostly other cars. I have trust issues with other cars, or more specifically the drivers of those cars. You can’t count on them to see you or follow the rules of the road. Many are looking at phones. Everyone knows you shouldn’t text and drive but I see it all the time. Hence my caution and predisposition to brake first and ask question later. Defensive driving 101 – I practically invented the topic.



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