The joy of worrying

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By Jill Pertler 

I used to live a carefree life. I didn’t worry about the future or wars or the economy. I drove on sketchy roads up mountains and even climbed those mountains on occasion. I spent too much money on impractical shoes. I ordered my chili extra spicy and wore white after Labor Day. I rode a bike without a helmet and drove a car without a seat belt. I ate fast food and drank sloe gin. I held snakes, dined on sushi and rode roller coasters with both hands in the air. And then everything changed.

I had kids. Four of them to be exact.

Oh sure, kids bring love and liveliness and spirit and stickiness to your life. They make you think and rethink everything. They also cause you to pay attention to words like safety, security, practical, pragmatic, logical and legal. They add fun and take it away all at the same time. They turn you into a grown up.


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