Joseph Milo Blue Coat

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March 24, 1927 – November 8, 2017

Joseph Milo Blue Coat, 90, of Sans Arc Community and White Horse passed away Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at I.H.S. Hospital in Eagle Butte. Funeral services were November 17, 2017 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Eagle Butte with Mother Margaret Watson presiding. Burial was at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cemetery at LaPlant with military honors. Joseph Milo Blue Coat was born on March 24, 1927 to Thomas Amos and Mary L. Man Blue Coat in rural White Horse. Joe Milo grew up with his parents and siblings Sam, Homer, Severt, Norman, and Linda. At the age of 17 he lost his mother, so he lived with his dad in the On The Tree area. His dad married Emma Good Bear, whose children were Henry, Earlwin, Annie, and Evelyn. The families then joined together. He helped local ranchers, and at the age of seven he was earning fifty cents a day taking care of horses. In 1945, Joe Milo enlisted in the United States Army. While at boot camp, he became ill and was hospitalized for a very long time. He remembers being given a uniform, but eventually he was given a medical discharge. Upon his return, Joe Milo spent time with the Hawk Eagle family in Green Grass. In October of 1957, Mary Ida Larrabee and Joe Milo were married in Pierre. They were later divorced. Joe Milo was active in the UCC Church and was faithful to attend church gatherings and meetings. He had a beautiful voice as he sang from the Lakota hymnals. He was also known for his ability to cook for many occasions, such as pow wows, funerals, and memorials. In 2001, Joe Milo went with a group to Washington, DC to make a CD. He was a true “Indian Cowboy,” an excellent horseman, ranch hand, and farmer. He worked for his brother-in-law, Edward Dupris, for many years in On The Tree. He enjoyed driving bus for summer youth, being a mechanic and working with leather. Joe Milo was always willing to help out where he was needed. In the 1990’s he was diagnosed with a heart condition. He quit smoking and began his sobriety, of which he was very proud. In 2004, he was hospitalized with Gillian Barre Syndrome. He is survived by his hunka daughter, Carmen Chase; sister/cousins Rose Bad Hand, Marge Blue Coat and their children; nephew Richard Red Elk and children, Phillip “Jr.” Blue Coat and Ira Blue Coat families, the Blue Coat girls Carrie, Carla, Reba, Ina and their families; the Red Dog families; Good Bear families; the Dupris families; and many more extended family members here and at Standing Rock Reservation. Joseph lived in McLaughlin with Elizabeth Bruguier and granddaughters Amy and Destiny Leaf and great-grandson A’stin Leaf. Joe Milo is preceded in death by his parents; brothers Sam, Homer, Severt, and Norman; sister, Linda; infant siblings; step-siblings Henry, Earlwin Good Bear, Annie Red Dog, and Evelyn Dupris; and Mary Ida. Luce Funeral Chapel of Eagle Butte was in charge of arrangements.

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