Improving our Medicaid program

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By Gov. Dennis Daugaard

South Dakotans believe in selfreliance. The pioneers who settled this state over a century ago, as well as the natives who preceded them, understood the need for self-reliance. In fact, they knew no other way. Those who came to Dakota sought freedom and a fresh start. They understood, though, that freedom requires responsibility, because they could only survive by taking care of themselves. As a second key value, South Dakotans believe in hard work. It is simply a part of our culture. When we promote South

Dakota as a good place to do business, we promote the work ethic of our people. Those who do business in South Dakota and elsewhere will attest to the fact that South Dakotans know how to work. There’s also a sense of pride that comes with having a job to do and being able to provide for your family.


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