Stray Thoughts: Pancakes

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By Mark Peacock

Small town people, small town rules Small town culture, small town schools She graduated with his mom, he worked beside his dad their grandma shared her gardening when it was all she had Once so very long ago, when his mom was sick at home their neighbors made the bumpy trip so she wouldn’t be alone A while back, when he lost his job, some people in this town kept him afloat with local work so his family wouldn’t drown And when the bills for medicine were getting out of hand the people gathered in the fall to help her take a stand Some children needed food to eat, some others needed clothes and once again, the darndest thing, the kids got help with those When local people are raising funds for something they must do through pancake suppers, raffles and community auctions too we count on them time and again to help us make our goals small towns are just like families…that’s just how they roll So you may stare out the window longing for the city lights or wish you had some big town things to do on small town nights but what we lose for what we gain can hardly be compared one neighbor here is better than a million strangers over there In this small town world of ours, you may not get it all but you’ll have the chance to lift others up and they’ll help you if you fall So help your neighbor brand his cows, or shovel a driveway or two in our little town, when you help out, it will return to you It’s not about how much one has, it’s not about how much one takes It’s more about how we share our lives than it is about pancakes


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