Slices of Life: Welcoming a new baby

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By Jill Pertler


They’d be the first to admit they are more adept at handing off a football versus a tiny human being, but during the last week they’ve certainly given the latter their best efforts. At exactly two minutes before midnight on a recent Sunday, soon-to-be Monday, my three sons became instant uncles.

Their excitement and curiosity regarding the whole process has been interesting (to say the least). Early on Sunday morning, they were all aware that their very-pregnant sister had gone into the hospital and the possibility of a baby was imminent. As a group they were inquisitive, eager, concerned and excited. However, each of the boys took his own unique approach to the situation. One went golfing, saying he’d just do nine holes instead of 18 so he could be home in time to meet the baby – just the first of many sacrifices he’ll make as an uncle, I’m sure. Another worried out loud about his sister, the baby and whether everything would go as planned. He grew more quiet and thoughtful as the day lingered on


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