Veterans Day: Is it enough?

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By Danny Tyree


“What have you done for us lately?” I don’t think the average American military veteran has the time or the temperament to spend 51 weeks a year asking such a question, but a reasonable person could hardly blame him if he did.

Veterans Day can be like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day - an occasion to heap praise upon individuals whom we spend the rest of the year ignoring, tolerating or circumventing. A week’s worth of bumper stickers, newspaper interviews, special discounts and grade school essays soon give way to the daily grind. I don’t think our veterans are expecting a “We’re not worthy!” routine from civilians (as in Wayne and Garth kowtowing to Alice Cooper in the Wayne’s World movie), but there are lots of little ways to show appreciation during the year. Are you glad for the religious freedom we enjoy in this country? Don’t take it for granted. Are you grateful for freedom of speech and freedom of the press? Exercise those rights.

Stay informed, and not just by surrounding yourself with “yes men” radio/TV commentators, bloggers and columnists. Glad you can vote? Be sure you register and actually show up on election day. Educate yourself and vote for solid, non-frivolous reasons.



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