Thanksgiving: A special day to share with family and friends

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By Gov. Dennis Daugaard

Back on the farm, we had a big dining room table that sat against one wall most of the year.

On Thanksgiving, Dad pulled that table out into the middle of the room. Mom covered it with the good tablecloth and set the good dishes. She crowded every square inch of the table’s surface with turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, a real feast for our family to share after we gave thanks for the blessings we had enjoyed during the past year.

I’ll never forget how the aroma of fresh-baked pie and roast turkey wafted through the house. Whenever I think of Thanksgiving, I remember the warmth and coziness created by the sight and smells of Mom’s cooking. And I remember how happy I was to have that special day to share with my parents, my two sisters, and sometimes other family members.


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