Assman replaces Ted Schweitzer as Dewey County Emergency Manager

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Dan Assman

The Dewey County Commissioners, at their end-of-year meeting on December 28, appointed Deputy Sheriff Dan Assman as Emergency Manager, replacing Ted Schweitzer, who has held the position since 2008. In doing so, the board discussed staffing of the sheriff’s office, which both Assman and Sheriff Les Mayer said is in need of help.

“We’re strapped,” Mayer told the commissioners. “We don’t have time for time off.” He reminded the board that a year ago he had a secretary to take care of some of the paper work, and he said other counties have office help.

Mayer was present for the last part of the discussion, but before that, Schweitzer and Assman explained how they believe it will work with Assman taking on the additional duties, estimated at about 10 hours per week, in addition to his time as full-time deputy. The commissioners agreed on $800 a month salary although Schweitzer initially suggested $1000. He has been paid $600 a month but he also has been Director of the War Hawk District, which includes Dewey, Corson, Ziebach, Walworth and Campbell counties. He will continue in that position.

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