A new year, a new you? The journey is the point

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In some ways, we use holidays as a collective reminder of attitudes which help us live a happy, healthy life. We take a day to be thankful, a day to celebrate freedom and a day to focus on giving. We have a day for remembering those we’ve lost and a day to honor the miracles in our lives. The holidays can remind us how good it feels to bring these attitudes into our day to day experiences.

This time of year, it’s the New Year season. New Year’s is about honoring the passage of time. It’s about reviewing where you’ve been so that you may consciously choose where you’re headed. It’s no coincidence that we celebrate this holiday when we do, nor that it’s focus is on things we’d like to shift in our lives. Julius Caesar set the date in 46 B.C., in part to honor January’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings. Janus has two faces, one face which looks into the past and the other which looks into the future.

Whether or not you’re into setting New Year’s resolutions, taking some time to contemplate where you’ve been and where you’d like to take your life can only be a beneficiary exercise. Not taking the time to set intentions for your life is akin to taking a boat ride without ever grabbing the steering wheel.

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