Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day

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by Tom Purcell

In these heated, divisive times, all of us sure could use more kindness. This coming Sunday, Feb. 17, offers us a reminder to embrace kindness. Feb. 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019. It's a day when humans around the world pay homage to the simple art of being kind to their fellow humans. Unexpected kindness is one of my favorite forms of that art. In Pittsburgh, land of the kindest, most polite people on Earth, strangers love to hold the door open for you at the supermarket or post office. They wave you ahead of them in traffic. They tell you your tail light is out and you'd better get it fixed so “the cops don't write you up” Greek storyteller Aesop said that “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” That's certainly true. Several people and organizations have offered wonderful ideas for acts of kindness, large and small. If it's snowing and you see an elderly person shoveling his or her driveway, introduce yourself and shovel it for him or her. Give $100, or whatever you can afford, to a local charity. Or call your local food bank and ask what it needs. Then, go to the store, spend what you can on those needed items and donate those items to the food bank. You can volunteer. Lots of organizations need assistance and will treasure your help. The truth about kindness is that it benefits those who practice it as much as, or more than, those who receive it.


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