If your mind was a house

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If your mind was a house, what would it look like?

Take a second to ask yourself this question and notice the image that pops into your head. Is it an inviting structure or a scary one? Are others allowed to come in and wander around freely or are there rooms dead-bolted shut with no access for anyone, yourself included? Is your house orderly, with everything in its place, or is it more cluttered and chaotic? Is it a place you like to be or would you rather be anywhere but?

Now consider that the different rooms of your mental house serve different purposes. Perhaps there is a living room for relaxation and entertainment, a library where you store memories and go to learn new things or a studio space where all of your emotional energy is expressed. Maybe you have a mud room, designed to keep the dirt outside or a formal area for new guests or those you want to impress. Perhaps you have a garden space where you are trying to grow new things in your life or a workshop space where all the work-in-progress projects are stored.


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