Americans not so good at STEM

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What do most Americans know about science?

If a March 28 Pew Research Center poll is to be believed - not nearly enough. And at a time when knowledge and facts are under assault as they have not been in recent memory, that’s a problem.

On the upside, about eight in 10 respondents to the new Pew poll knew that increased resistance is one of the big concerns about the overuse of antibiotics. And more than threequarters know that an “incubation period” is the time when a person has an infection - but isn’t showing any visible signs of it.

But only about four in 10 people were able to correctly identify the main components of antacids. Those are “bases.” And I’ll admit, I’d forgotten that one.

In general, “there are striking differences in levels of science knowledge by education, as well as by racial and ethnic group,” Pew researchers found. “Men tend to score higher than women on the science knowledge scale, but gender differences are not consistent across questions in the scale.”



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