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As I was interviewing Emily Reinbold Boden and Melissa Nehl Day for articles in our Health Outlook section (part of this week’s Topic) I was reminded of a quote from someone who said that when recruiting teachers, we should look within our own schools. Emily and Melissa are homegrown medical professionals, and there are many examples in the education field as well.

A quick count shows that of the 43 teachers currently working in the Timber Lake School, 21 went to high school at either Timber Lake or Isabel. That would seem to indicate that future recruits are right under our noses, perhaps in the seventh grade, waiting to be nurtured and invited into fulfilling careers in education, health care and other areas. Of course, they won’t all come home, and that’s okay; it’s good for communities to exchange talent with other towns.

Emily (of Timber Lake) and Melissa (of McIntosh) illustrate how good schools and good teachers can inspire young people to pursue big dreams. Both of them told me that their schools, especially their science and math teachers, gave them the firm foundation they needed. How else would they have been prepared for the long years of study and commitment to become health professionals?



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