A Note on Motherhood

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Stray Thoughts

They said you’d have that pregnant glow as hormones course through your skin, and said the weight you gain, you know…you’ll drop again, and you’ll be thin. Did they mention you would have to use the bathroom twenty times a day? Did they say that while you gain, then lose, some scars might not go away? Did they say you’ll have an a ching back, swollen ankles, and tender breasts and eat peanut butter and pickle snacks, and you won’t get any rest? That you’ll say goodbye to skinny pants and your shoes will feel too tight that you might have some unexpected rants, and go from happy to ready to fight? That your favorite foods might make you hurl, that you might gag from just a smell and what they said you’d enjoy since you were a little girl, now seems a bit like hell? Did they say this worry and all this fear about not being enough for this growing baby, approaching oh so near, would ever be this tough?


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