Listening for God

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How do any of us cope with the catastrophes of life? Years ago, a couple faced the tragedy of an accidental death of their only young child. Even though most marriages don’t survive such an insult, this one did. Between the woman and man, there was love, forgiveness, and plenty of help from the people of their church. The people of the congregation, like the wings of a mother hen, surrounded the couple with support, comfort, and warmth.

Researchers found that no society has survived more than three generations without a religious foundation including belief in prayer, afterlife, and ritual. One interpretation of this data argues that religion serves the function of helping a society continue, thus implying religion endures due to survival advantage. Some critics of organized religion argue just because we have the need for a spiritual connection doesn’t mean that God exists. I contend that the opposite is true. Even though atrocities have been done in the name of religion, I am reassured of God’s presence by the fact that societies do better with a faith-based underpinning. However, I think there are other more convincing reasons than this to believe in God.



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