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The Declaration of Independence is a document written by Thomas Jefferson which shredded our colonial connection to a controlling King of England and established a new form of nation. It is not enough for us to be independent. We must understand why independence was necessary. Key points: We are all equal, and we all have rights given to us by God. These rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government cannot interfere with these rights. If the government pushes to take those rights, it’s citizens can overthrow the government. Not only can they overthrow the government…it is their duty to do so. Any newly-established government would then be centered entirely on protecting those rights. England’s King George III interferes with our colonies self-governance and fair judicial system. He taxes us without representation and calls for us to house his soldiers. He removes an accused person’s rights to a jury trial and prevents free trade. England does not protect our borders, it destroys life and property, and takes our ships at sea. This nation we are a part of intends to hire mercenaries to fight and kill its own citizens. We tried to solve these problems and were repeatedly ignored. We will be ignored no longer. We are establishing our own government, the United States of America, and are done with you! From this point on, we will do as we wish as our own free and independent nation.


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