Celebration is soul food

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Ah, celebration! A time for getting together with friends and family, kicking back and letting the good times roll. When we give ourselves these pleasurable experiences, we not only blow off steam but we also fill up our emotional tanks. It is far easier to handle life’s stressors when we’re feeling good!

What’s more, cultivating a sense of happiness and satisfaction with our lives has far-reaching implications on our health and longevity. Quite simply, people who are happier live longer, don’t get sick as often and recover faster when they do.

The research which has been done on this subject is fascinating. In terms of longevity, one study showed happier people living 7-10 years longer, while another showed that older adults were 35% less likely to die in any given five year period. A 15-year Norwegian study sampling a pool of over 50,000 people discovered that women with a good sense of humor were 83% less likely to die from infection, 73% less likely to die from heart disease and 48% less likely to die from any other cause. Even fleeting happiness has its benefits — a study in Japan suggests that laughing for as little as 5 to 10 seconds at a time could extend your lifespan by as much as 10 minutes per chortle!

Happiness has a variety of other health benefits too. For one, it protects our hearts. Happier people have lower blood pressure and heart rates and are far less likely to die due to coronary heart disease.



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