Native American Education Committee presentation to Timber Lake School Board

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The Native American Education Committee has been working diligently since this past spring to educate ourselves on the role we have to provide guidance to the Timber Lake (TLS) in order to best serve Native students. As demonstrated in the Indian Policy and Procedures (IPP) contract for Federal Impact Aid, Johnson O’Malley (JOM) guidelines, and Title VI of the Indian Education Act guidelines, there is an outlined role and contractual obligation that our Committee bring the needs of Native students to the school. Furthermore, when the needs are not being adequately met, it is the role of the Committee to advocate on behalf of the Native students and their parents/ guardians to request changes and seek revisions in order to meet the identified needs.

While we recognize the administration and teachers are the education experts, this Committee plays a vital role in assisting the administration and teachers. However, this role can only be mutually beneficial if the School Board listens and takes action based on the issues identified, suggested revisions, and areas of improvement our Committee brings forth.

Thus, we hope you will hear the Committee, who has brought forth a solution to a long identified problem, and take action so we can move forward in a good way to improve the education and school experience of Native students at Timber Lake School.



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