Meditations on Love

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When we first give ourselves to love, many of us have an idealized notion of the purpose it's meant to fulfill in our lives. We look to love to fix us, for love to save us, for it to make us happy and for it to fill that empty part in our souls which sometimes seems to exist.

The truth is, love IS meant to do all of these things - and more. The problem arises when we look to our partners and loved ones to fill this need for us, instead of taking the responsibility for our feelings of love and happiness upon ourselves. Expecting our partners to give us the loving contentment we seek places a terrible burden on them, as we are inevitably let down when they fall short of our idealized expectations.

A better approach to love is to seek to “fill our cups” from a more universal source. We do this by cultivating an attitude of gratitude and compassion towards ourselves and others. We do it by focusing on all the goodness there is in our lives already. We create it by giving ourselves the activities and experiences which leave us feeling healthy, vital and strong. We cultivate joy and love by maintaining a sense of awe and wonder for the many miracles and mysteries of life, and by striving to embody the qualities of love we wish to receive.



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