No bids on broadband, council considers options

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The Timber Lake City Council received no bids for the city-owned broadband enterprise; the bid opening was set for the Monday night council meeting. The sale of Timber Lake Broadband was mandated by the voters in a special election in November 2018 and there followed many months of correspondence with the USDA to satisfy their requirements before it was appraised and advertised.

The council pondered the question of what to do next. After examining the expenses vs. revenue, the dwindling number of customers, and the cash balance of TLB, the council put the matter on the agenda for a special meeting on Sept. 24.

Councilman Josh Lemburg said it appeared that the broadband fund would soon be running a negative balance.

The monthly financial report showed that the broadband fund began August with $13,252 and ended the month with $8911.



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