Stray Thoughts: Familiar

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Some are good at remembering names, others at remembering faces Most are in the middle, but for me the big riddle Is that I tend to remember people in specific places I’ve had neighbors who lived right beside me, people that I’ve known for a while I may recognize their face, but when they aren’t in their place My mind can’t seem to dig up their file If there’s a person I’ve spoken with often, who over time has helped me a lot When in another town, and without other memories around I’m unlikely to connect all the dots It’s not that I cannot remember, it might impress you… the things that I know But try as I might, I often can’t get this right It’s a limit that just seems to be so My wife is the most curious creature, almost always remembering a name And what was happening on a day, and all events that were in play Compared to me, she’s at the top of her game Women remember things better; at least people, and birthdays, and dates But just having a male brain doesn’t fully explain Why I’ve been singled out for this trait So if you see me around the community, and I speak with you but don’t use your name It has always been this way, it’s no different today There is no accident or disorder to blame There are others out there so much like me, who struggle to remember small things Help us feel less weak, provide hints when you speak Such a boost can give our memories some wings We are all so gifted in something, just as we each have our own Achilles Heel What I can easily do may be near impossible for you It’s this balance that helps keep it real Say “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you… It’s me, Bob, from the store.” In just a second or two, when our memory comes through We’ll remember you all that much more



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