City wrestling with broadband issues

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The Timber Lake City Board is finding it difficult to gracefully exit from the broadband business. Council member Josh Lemburg, at Monday’s regular council meeting, called the situation a “quagmire.”

Almost a year ago, city residents voted overwhelmingly to sell Timber Lake Broadband but that has not been easy to do. It took many months to get clearance from the USDA to sell the business, and the first round of advertising yielded no bidders. The City is now advertising again, with bid opening set for November 4, but board members aren’t counting on an offer the second time. If there is no sale, they intend to shut down the service by December 31.

At Monday’s meeting, the board reviewed a list of pending issues prepared by Finance Officer Karla Nordyke. Their biggest concern was that when TLB CEO Ryan Farlee resigned, he erased the files from the computers in his office, which city attorney Cheryl Bogue said is possibly a federal offense. The board authorized Bogue to contact Farlee and request that he return the essential software programs and files, including the list of customer IP addresses.


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