Stray Thoughts: On Loss

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A loss is never so simple as it seems. In the stream of consciousness, we are remembered by acquaintances only from the small pieces of us that drifted by on the surface of a few moments. Through happenstance, they get a glimmer, a hint of who we actually are, or who we allow them to see. Those close to us have seen us swirl in the pools and dip under the surfaces that compose our reality… they have seen the ebb and flow of our presence throughout our gentle meanderings, chaotic rapids and the falls we all experience. They know us now, but know also that we are not who we once were before they knew us. Part of any loss is the realization that we may not have known all we wanted to know, and there is pain in the recognition of our abject ignorance. We may have mistaken small moments for the whole, and there is regret in presupposition without fact. 


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