May the First (Amendment) be with you

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When I first started working for this newspaper, it came after a chance meeting with then publisher Jack Stoner who saw me at a friend’s wedding reception. As I poured him a glass of punch, he asked if I had ever considered newspaper reporting. I had not. He then asked if I would consider it. I did.

I started out covering things like ribbon cuttings or new employee introductions — your basic “cub reporter” jobs. Then he sent me out to the river where I reported on an archeological dig. I labored over the story, writing and re-writing before deadline forced me to put it on his desk. He ran the story on the front page above the fold. Seeing my first byline sent my heart soaring past the moon to Orion. It was as if ink had been injected into my veins. I was a reporter.

From there my assignments grew. I was sent to cover more of the community happenings, and eventually, community meetings for city, county, and school board. In between there were more colorful events, but they were all important to someone, and we approached them with equal enthusiasm.


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