Stray Thoughts: Resignation

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There comes a point at which most people realize life will not work out the way they had envisioned; the ship they have been expecting will remain at sea, the lottery ticket is in someone else’s pocket and there may not be a star left in their sky. What we planned for, prepared for, and wished for may not occur during the space occupied by this life. What then? Do we look ahead at a future staring blankly from our wheelchair out a picture window facing a dumpster in an alley and count good fortune as a day completed without soiling ourselves? Hardly. Focus. Do not resign. Redefine. We were created to create. Produce something while you can, from what only you know, in the way gifted only to you. Then own it. That which you create will be your legacy… perhaps the entire reason you were placed here. Tomorrow is coming…get started today.



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