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This photo of a massive buck deer shared online over the weekend went from hero story to scandal, as it was allegedly killed illegally on private property near Timber Lake.


A photo of a deer carcass owners of Timber Lake Lodge say was illegally killed on their land, up against the fence line where the private hunting reserve borders the Little Moreau State Recreation Area.

Buck from viral photo was allegedly taken illegally on private property

What appeared at first to be the hunt of a lifetime is turning out to be a scandal.

A photo of a slain buck deer with a massive antler rack and a proud hunter displaying the animal spread like wildfire on social media Saturday and Sunday, but excitement about the monster hunt quickly turned sour when allegations began to fly that the deer was illegally taken. Not only that, but it may have been decapitated and the body left to waste/rot.

The Facebook page South Dakota BIG Bucks posted the photo early Saturday morning to much attention and adulation from fellow hunters in the online community, but before long the story started to change.

Several people posted claims that the deer in the photo was an animal that had gone missing on the Timber Lake Lodge private game farm property.



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