Counterpoint: Meth crisis requires action

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South Dakota is on meth — at least, that’s what the state’s new antidrug ad campaign launched Monday (Nov. 18) says.

Gov. Kristi Noem’s new anti-meth campaign – which features a new website (, billboards and ads with people of differing ages and races saying, “I’m on meth.” – is intended to bring awareness to the meth epidemic in South Dakota.

Noem’s not wrong. There is a meth epidemic in South Dakota. As Noem said in the campaign’s public service announcement, the meth crisis is “growing at an alarming rate” and impacts every community in the state.

The awareness campaign has been widely mocked online. By Tuesday, “South Dakota” and “meth” were trending on Twitter. Some people have even proposed alternate campaigns, like “Heroin. We’re up in arms” and “Cocaine. We nose what’s up.”


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