How to live 40 percent longer

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“Doc, I’ve started on this new diet and I wonder what you think,” said my patient. Then I hear about the patient’s latest weight loss plan. There are so many plans out there...the Noom® plan, the Shark Tank diet, the keto diet, the Mediterranean diet, the paleo diet, the sugar-free diet, the low-carbohydrate diet, the one day a week fast.

Some diets increase the intake of water, of fiber, of antioxidants and the list goes on. Many of these new plans are variations of a low-carb plan, which I like. I also have found that a weekly fast seems to work for some people.

About 20 years ago, two huge studies compared the low-carbohydrate diet with the low-fat diet. Both studies showed the same thing. People liked the low-carb diet better and with it, they lost more weight easily and initially. After one year, however, most people from both groups regained the weight they had lost.


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