Governor names priorities in State of the State Address

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I grew up with a Dad who dreamed of all four of his kids being able to stay on the family ranch if they wanted to. My vision for South Dakota is the same. We must ensure that every South Dakotan can build their life here and make a good living, so they can provide for their families and maintain our traditions and way of life. This is why I am committed to four pillars of protection for South Dakotans: keeping taxes low, limiting government regulation, fighting government intrusion, and keeping government open and honest.

With a year under our belt, I’m proud to stand before you and say we accomplished a lot in 2019, and we did it all without raising taxes and without spending more than we took in. And unlike Illinois, New York, and many other states, we are seeing a net increase in our population. Why? Because Americans are looking for the opportunities that present themselves in states that encourage self-government like we do here in South Dakota.

And to all the business prospects we’ve been recruiting, I’d like to make the case here and now about why you should join us in South Dakota.




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