It’s not about the tree…but

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Stray Thoughts

I revel in the holidays when the Christmas tree is in place; when the sugar cookies are baking I have a big smile on my face. With “Hallelujah” playing Pentatonix fills the air; and from my comfortable recliner at the Christmas tree I stare. But on this third week of January I’m startled at the sight; my wife has started packing up the Christmas tree tonight! My heartbeat starts to quicken it’s much too soon for me; “Can you wait a little longer before you start to pack the tree?” The ornaments are gently placed back in storage in our home; the nativity set is boxed away baby Jesus wrapped in foam. My wife unplugs the shining star… disconnects the strands of light; the tree that raised my spirits up is now nowhere in sight. I’m left staring at the empty space where my holiday had been; I miss it all when the tree comes down I hate the emptiness within. So I thank my wife for doing what I don’t want her to do; if it were up to me the Christmas tree would shine bright the whole year through.



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