Sen. Wismer responds to Governor’s budget

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In her position as an executive, rather than a legislator, the Governor is the steward of our state government, responsible for seeing that it meets its legal obligations. So I was disheartened to hear during the Governor’s budget address that she was proposing a budget with a zero percent increase for K-12 education, in spite of the state law that provides for inflationary increases. If the administration really understood the economics of South Dakota, I think the responsible position for an executive is to advocate for revenue to replace the $20 million of internet access sales tax that Congressional action took away from the state budget, rather than gloat about a tax cut while not meeting our obligations. I don’t know about you, but putting those dollars to work investing in our kids and assuring public safety at the level of basic service and efficiency that our state does seems to be a much more efficient investment than a $4.00 a month reduction in my monthly internet bill.

Thursday was the State of the Tribes legislative address. Hearing the reverberations and high pitched voices of the tribal drum songs in the House Chambers is always an exhilarating experience. Remembering last year’s episode of the Riot Boosters bill passing with no tribal consultation, and later being declared unconstitutional by the courts, Crow Creek Tribal Chair Lester Thompson spoke of hopes for better communication with the Governor and legislators.




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