Those who contribute to local government are appreciated

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I started writing this piece as soon as I finished last week’s. One thing about an editorial that makes a call to action is that people may say “well why don’t you do it?”

As much as I want folks to fill the Isabel Town Board, I won’t be joining it.

With typical turnover on the board and with the town’s employees, I may have attended more Isabel board meetings than anyone else since I moved here. That’s not to brag, but to say that although I’m not a member of the board, I believe I fill an important role. That of the objective observer, of the government watcher, of the journalist.

It should come as no surprise that in a town with multiple unfilled board positions, attendance by other residents is practically nonexistent. When the board does entertain the rare visitor, it’s usually because he/ she has a problem they want resolved. The way I see it is that I attend for all the other residents, to make sure the board follows procedure and keeps as much of their business as possible in open session, and to report back on what I’ve observed. Traditionally, journalists do not serve on public boards, especially if they cover them.




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