Governor’s column: Broadband and progress

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A programmer can’t do her job without a computer. A farmer can’t do his job without a combine. A photographer can’t get the job done without a camera.

This year, you’ve heard me say that South Dakota is open for business. It’s true. But if we’re going to create jobs that keep our kids here at home, we have to equip South Dakota with the tools that businesses need to thrive. We have to pave the way for economic growth.

Throughout this legislative session, you’ve heard me set a renewed focus on cleaning up areas of government that hold back economic progress. I’ve signed bills into law that reduce regulations and make it easier for people to get to work. I testified on a bill that creates a fair, consistent county zoning process for the businesses wanting to create careers in our communities. These are tools that set us up for economic progress and will help us welcome new industries into our state.



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