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A while back, I bought a small wooden plaque for the office that says: “The world is a small town. Be nice.” Intended as a message about not only manners and kindness but also about tolerance and cooperation, it might be appropriate when thinking of our response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yes, the world is a much smaller place than it used to be, which is mostly a good thing. Forty years ago many of us didn’t know many people who had been out of the country except with the military or an oil company in the Middle East. That has all changed as today’s global economy, which depends on people to bring us the products we need and maintain markets for what we produce, has indeed shrunk our world.

As the coronavirus has put us on high alert and expert medical teams around the world try to figure out how the virus spreads and how to protect ourselves from it, we as individuals are told to do what we can. It’s not as simple as the “Be nice” message on the plaque but that is part of it. We should expect to look beyond ourselves at the common good, such as taking the warnings seriously, helping those who need help the most, and insisting that our governments figure out the right things to do and get them done.

The current pandemic has been compared to a war. If all of us are warriors facing a common enemy, we have to be ready to make some contributions and sacrifices as people on the home front have always done.





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