Escape to the Countryside

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Over the past two centuries, America has undergone extreme urbanization, transitioning from over 80% rural to over 80% urban. Even on the smaller scale of South Dakota, the city of Sioux Falls has exploded in growth while smaller regions have seen homesteads shutter, schools close and towns diminish. The Timber Lake area knows this all too well, as its neighbors of Isabel, Trail City, Firesteel and Glencross are remnants of their former selves.

There are many reasons for this; kids move for a career not found in their small hometown, folks wanting more entertainment options, and many more. Most would agree that it’s not uncommon to move from the small town to the “big city.” There are always a few, and I am one of those, as I grew up in Timber Lake but have since lived in Sioux Falls, Salt Lake City, and currently New York City. But has anyone heard of the opposite? Being born and raised in Chicago and moving to small town South Dakota? Other than the occasional retiree tired of neighbors, it really doesn’t happen often. That is, until COVID-19.





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