Finding a new balance

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Life is about balance. We balance our time, our budgets, our work, and our family. If you concentrate too much in one area, you will soon be wanting in another. Additionally, our bodies are constantly working to keep our blood pressure, blood sugar, and temperature in balance.

Covid-19 disrupted our balance, both in our lives and for some, in our bodies. It overwhelmed some communities with too many people who became sick. Other communities banded together (or rather, apart) to slow the virus and protect the most vulnerable.

Thankfully, many areas have been successful at slowing the spread and flattening the curve, avoiding the tidal wave of sick people filling the hospitals. However, this came with a great cost to the balance in our economy, our social interactions, and our normal way of life. It revealed and magnified numerous problems. It exposed disparities in healthcare, and it provoked supply chain issues, food chain issues, unemployment, poverty, and misinformation.







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