The year the world stopped

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This essay by Johny Weber of Timber Lake received honorable mention in the Topic’s recent essay contest.

2020, the year the world stopped. This is the year we stayed at home. It is only mid-April as I write this and already this is what I think of this year. The year of COVID-19. The year of the pandemic.

The year the schools closed. In small towns and big cities, streets are devoid of traffic, sidewalks quiet, and people tend to back away from each other. Big and small venues are canceled or postponed.

There are no concerts; there are no sports, major or minor league or within communities. This summer there may be no rodeos or events of any kind where people gather in groups larger than ten. TV shows are reruns or filmed from remote locations. The news on TV and radio is bleak.

On a smaller scale, friends who generally hug each other when they come together now give an “elbow bump” at most or, more cautiously, a wave and a smile from a six foot distance. In Timber Lake, getting together at Kasey’s for coffee or hot chocolate is a thing from a different year, not this year.






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