Tribal AG explains face mask mandate for area businesses

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The consequences of non-compliance with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s mandate that protective face masks be worn in all businesses on the reservation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 were clearly spelled out last Thursday, July 16, by CRST Attorney General Tracey Zephier when she joined Chairman Harold Frazier on his daily radio broadcast.

The order, issued by tribal officials the weekend of July 10 after an outbreak of more than 30 cases of the coronavirus were confirmed on the reservation, makes it mandatory that all customers and employees of businesses on the reservation wear face covering designed to reduce transmission of the virus. It also encourages compliance with the Tribal Health Dept. in notifying them of suspected infections within businesses and lays out penalties and fees for failure to adhere to the measure.

“If a customer enters a business without a mask, the first time fine is $100. Second is $250 and the third is $500,” Zephier explained. “If a business owner fails to enforce the face mask order or does not provide employees with face masks, the fines are $250 for the first offense along with possible closing of the business for cleaning. The second offense is $500 and again, possible closure to clean. The final fee is $1,000 and may result in the loss of his or her tribal business license.”






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