Red Ribbon Week winners named

  • Oaklie Goldade, K
    Oaklie Goldade, K
  • Aiden Lindskov, 2nd
    Aiden Lindskov, 2nd
  • Addison Lindskov, 4th
    Addison Lindskov, 4th
  • Cecilia Muller, K
    Cecilia Muller, K
  • J’Den Grey Eagle, 2nd
    J’Den Grey Eagle, 2nd
  • Katie Martin, 4th
    Katie Martin, 4th
  • Quayde Gill, PreK
    Quayde Gill, PreK
  • Sophia Gross,1st grade
    Sophia Gross,1st grade
  • Josie Boldt, 3rd
    Josie Boldt, 3rd
  • Mason Bickel, 5th
    Mason Bickel, 5th
  • Rose Maher, PreK
    Rose Maher, PreK
  • Max Biegler, 1st grade
    Max Biegler, 1st grade
  • Jiel Mowrer, 3rd
    Jiel Mowrer, 3rd
  • Taggen Paxton, 5th
    Taggen Paxton, 5th
Timber Lake Elementary students created posters and coloring pages with anti-drinking and anti-drug messages for Red Ribbon Week. Grades K-2 did coloring, and Grades 3-5 made posters. In PreK, a drawing was held. The winners from each class are pictured here with the Panther beanies they received as prizes.

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