Coping with cancer: Survivors, caregivers tell their stories

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By Karen Holzer

Unexpectedly, the “C” word, Cancer, invades your life. Suddenly nothing is the same. You find yourself immersed in a world of sadness, anger, treatments, and doctor appointments. Everyday routine schedules are turned upside down as you struggle with your new normal. One day your thoughts are filled with scheduling activities, deciding on chicken or beef for dinner, and when you will find time to do the laundry.

When the “C” word arrives, focus and priorities shift to medical options, learning doctor’s names, navigating your way to clinics and hospitals, along with learning a new vocabulary of medical terms. And decisions, decisions, decisions. Choices and options loom before you as you gaze at x-rays, listen to doctor reports, and decipher the jargon which will become a second language.


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