Stray Thoughts: The Yard

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By Mark Peacock

My yard is not appreciably different from any other local yard; a patchwork of grass clumps and bare areas over expansive soil. It is what it is because I have cared for it, or have not, by choice, and while I may be green at many things, my thumb is not. There is one tiny corner of my yard where years ago,

I dumped out an overflowing cat box to expose the contents to the light of day and to allow my household a chance to breathe fully once more. For years, I watched other varmints unconnected to my household add their own contributions to this mix and mosey on, leaving a conspicuously barren scar on the landscape. Don’t get me wrong…I needed to get rid of this toxic waste, although arguably there were many better ways to do it, and I never expected the toll it would take on the environment. But I still wouldn’t change it…and so it is. Life is like that. Despite this little spot that may never fully recover,


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