Stand up, help out, make the call

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We hear time and again from local law enforcement people that prevention is the key to community safety. Although they will answer every call when something has happened, they would prefer to hear from the public when there’s still a chance to prevent something awful from occurring.

Two recent cases illustrate this point. A few weeks ago a vehicle crashed into a dumpster and rolled over on the south end of Timber Lake’s Main Street. The vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. Both occupants were seriously injured but it’s a miracle that no one else was injured or killed, as there are usually children riding bikes and playing in that street. The speed limit is posted at 15 mph. It was estimated the car was going 60.

AFTER the accident, local law enforcement officers heard that several people had seen the vehicle speeding through town but no one reported anything to them. Everybody probably thought someone else did.


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