Eggs and sausage are okay

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By Richard P. Holm, MD

The other day, I was on a run with a scientist friend who recently had suffered a small heart attack. During our run, we talked about cardiac rehabilitation and safe running practices that could help his recovery. He was happy to be back running, and as I was recovering from cancer surgery, I was also happy to be back running. If not over-done, we know that those with or without heart disease benefit from regular exercise. I could feel the run was rebuilding my strength and savored the social time with my friend. When we finished, energized and happy, a short cool-down walk brought us to his home.

There, his wife prepared a light morning breakfast of two eggs, nicely spiced with salt and pepper, a small patty of pork sausage, sliced fried bellpeppers, pieces of fresh melon on the side, and coffee. It was delicious and just the right amount. Twenty years ago, having eggs and sausage for breakfast was thought to be a big no-no. Now, new science has discovered it is NOT the fat and protein in a diet that causes atherosclerosis, but rather the excessive calories. What is more treacherous than the type of food is actually the quantity.

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