This twelve minutes a day is considered a gift

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By Jill Pertler

Each day it takes 12 minutes of my time. Five days a week – Monday through Friday. Six minutes in the morning. Six minutes in the afternoon – for a total of an hour each week.

A person could complete any number of tasks in six minutes. Sip a cup of coffee or make a piece of peanut butter toast. Read the newspaper – or at least skim the headlines. Check email. Tweet. Watch an inning of baseball or four minutes of the news and two of commercials. Post a selfie. Meditate. Fill the car with gas. Send an “I love you” text to your honey. De-clutter the kitchen clutter bin. (We all have one.) Check the calendar to see what’s going on the rest of the week. Do sit ups. Run a mile – or half a mile if you are as slow as me.

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