Slices of Life: ‘We’ve got a lot of stuff’

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By Jill Pertler

My husband and I recently took on the task of refinishing the wood floors in three rooms that constitute our downstairs living areas – family room, dining room and miscellaneous room. (We’re not sure what to call it. Some days it’s the sunroom, other days the napping room. Right now, if I am being honest, it is the gaming room.) I digress. Aside from being a ton of work (we were sore in places we didn’t even know we had) the big floor plan necessitated removing everything (and I mean everything) from the three spaces. In the process I was reminded of one semi-embarrassing truth (aside from the fact we have an entire room dedicated to gaming): We’ve got a lot of stuff. It happens to the best of us.

Things (too many things) accumulate over the years and there’s never really a good time or reason to get rid of something that’s still in perfect working order even though it’s old, obsolete and/or you haven’t used it since the last millennium. These items sit in their respective spots on the shelf or floor or cupboard and collect dust.


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